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Squirt is a Visual Studio Extension that makes it easy to generate mundane source code. It can generate code in multiple projects in a solution, it's easy to set up your own generation templates and configure Squirt so that it generates what you want where you want it.

Squirt was originally created to make it easy to generate source code for CODE Framework projects, and the starter set of templates you get with Squirt are geared toward CODE Framework projects (ASP.NET MVC, WCF/REST, WPF, etc.). You're free to modify the template or create your own to customize Squirt to fit your style. Typically, you just take some samples from a solution built the way you like, save them as templates (text files) and replace project specific information with text replacement tokens.

Source code and templates can be found on the Downloads tab. You can install Squirt from Visual Studio. Go to Tools-> Extensions and Updates -> Online and search for Squirt. You can see a short demo video here

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