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Error on Installation


Hi Everyone,

I get this error when I try to install the extension on VS 2013 as follows:
  1. The extension 'Squirt.VSPackage' requires a version of .Net Framework that is not installed.
I have the latest update of VS, hence I don't see why it should not install.



MikeYeager wrote Feb 13, 2015 at 4:55 PM

Sorry for the inconvenience. I've been trying to track this down, including installing it on a brand-new VM with only VS2013 installed. I've also used the ILDASM tool to review the manifests and don't see any requirements other than .NET 4x and 4.5 which you should have. Can you tell me what OS you're running? 32 or 64 bit? Which SKU of Visual Studio? Any information on which version of the framework it's asking for?

Thanks for your help in tracking this down,